Monthly Archives: June 2011

A Resource Management Framework (RMF) tool for stormwater

Informatics staff have recently been involved in the development of the Resource Management Framework (RMF) tool, a pilot website designed to help Māori resource managers understand statutory obligations and responsibilities in relation to stormwater in estuaries. In addition to providing … Continue reading

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Informatics team launch geospatial web services

Staff from the Informatics team have been working behind the scenes for some time  to make Land Resource Inventory data and other environmental data accessible publicly through open geospatial standards based web services. The first of these web services, a … Continue reading

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New Māori land visualization tool

Chris McDowall, from the Informatics team, working with other Landcare Research staff, has developed an on-line Māori land visualization tool. While targeted at Māori land owners and land managers, the tool is available to everyone who has an interest in … Continue reading

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